Happy Anniversary From Family and Friends!

Congratulations 🎉🎈🎊

Jerry Hite

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

Patty J Wallerich Edgington

Congratulations 🎉!!

Paula Morgan

Happy Anniversary!! 🎉!!

Mike and Rene-Porter Mumme

Happy Anniversary, Jill & Randy💕

Mary Fortin

Happy Anniversary.

Angie Smith

Happy Anniversary 🎉❤️

Lisa Jo Lowe

Boy, time sure flies doesn't it? Seems like yesterday we were raising our kids in lil ole Danville then boom it's 50 years! Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving anniversary full of God's Blessings.

Dianna Klaus

Happy 50th Anniversary Jill & Randy. What a wonderful milestone you are celebrating...congratulations!💕

Bob and Sandy Schroeder

Wishing them a Happy Anniversary🎉🎉

Jim Cary

Happy 50th Anniversary..

Vickie Taeger Levins

Happy anniversary

Jo Lynn Mehaffy

Happy Anniversary

Nancy Christy Sandbothe

Happy Anniversary!

Diana Heuer Thye

Happy 50 years together many more to come.

Howard Heater

Happy 50 year Anniversary!

Peggy Kleinkopf

Happy anniversary

Alan Mehaffy

Happy 50th Anniversary🥂 ❤️ 🎉 Randy & Jill!

Brenda Reathaford

Happy Anniversary! ❤️

Sue Burkey Hollingsworth

Happy Anniversary!

Robin Peterson

Happy Anniversary 🎉Congratulations

Mike Inghram

Happy Anniversary

Linda Craven

Please tell them Happy 50th Anniversary! They are such a sweet couple. ❤️

Janice Helt

Happy Anniversary!!

Nancy Bendorf House

Happy Anniversary!

Tammy LaRue

Happy Anniversary!💕

Wendy Rider

Happy Anniversary!

Annette Worthy

Happy Anniversary!💕

Deb Warth White

Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest people I know!♥️Let’s go for another 50!

Terry Gordy

CONGRATULATIONS and Happy Anniversary ❤️

Peggy Cady

Happy Anniversary 💞💞 50 Years- - Congratulations!!

Dee Johnson

Happy Anniversary Jill and Randy!🎉 Hope you enjoy many more happy and healthy years together.

Nancy Rowley

Happy 50th Randy and Jill. Have a wonderful celebration

Brenda Grinstead

have a great day!!!!!!

Dean Mumme

Happy anniversary… have a great day celebrating 50 years 💕

Janet Hesler

Happy 50 year's together that's a lot of years enjoy it all day and every year

Edward Heater

Happy Anniversary!! ❤️❤️

Julie Thayer Howe

Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Anniversary.

Donna Smith

Happy Anniversary Jill and Randy!!

Rachelle Williams

Happy Anniversary!!!❤️

Gary Siegworth

Happy Anniversary to you both!!! Love and miss you!

Cindy Landes Keel

Happy Anniversary you two. Time sure does fly doesn't it?

Donald and Carol Mehaffy


Barbara Sharp Zotz

Happy anniversary well done

Sharyl Mitchell

Happy anniversary

Sandra DeMuth

Happy Anniversary!!

Loretta Thomann

Happy Aniversary from The Drinkalls

Sherry Drinkall

Happy anniversary

Sharon Miller Stuart

Happy Anniversary 🎉❤️

Mark Westerbeck

Aww, Happy 50th!!! Haven’t seen you guys for a long time! Enjoy your day! 💕

Becky Wagner

Happy Anniversary!❤️

Deanna Boyle

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Dale and Connie Glasgow

Happy Anniversary you 2 and many more👌👌

Bill Tucker

Happy anniversary!

Lance Beck

Congratulations Jill and Randy.

Jan Bayliss

Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

Kim Timmons

Happy Anniversary to you both!!! And many more!

Karen Vantiger Palar

Happy Anniversary to our former neighbors! May you be blessed with many more years together. 💕

Donna Weyrick

Happy Aniversary!

Connie Bowen

Congratulations 🎉

Holly Hanna Parrott

Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more!

Dona Clingingsmith-Doyle

Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️

Melanie Davis

Happy Anniversary!!

Trina Nealey-Hulse


Jerry Schulz

Happy Anniversary! From Connie Sayres Wagner

Connie Wagner

Happy Anniversary!!❤️

Patrick Wright

Happy Anniversary!! ❤️❤️ Randy and Jill!!

Gidget Stuart Crossett

Randy & Jill~Happy 50th Anniversary to you both!!!❤️❤️

Barbara Breuer

Happy Anniversary 🎉❤️

Deb Beach

Happy Anniversary! ❤️

Deb Hauswirth

Happy anniversary both of you!

Mark Fedler

Happy anniversary both of you

Nancy Gray Krogmeier

Happy Anniversary to the both of you ! ❤️

Barb Crouch Fedler

Happy 50th to a wonderful couple! ❤️

Sarah Orr

Happy Anniversary!

Jim Tamyra Hogberg

Happy Anniversary!!

Loretta Jackson

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your Special Day!

Debbie Heater

Happy anniversary to you two!

Roberta Fraise

Happy Anniversary Jill and Randy!! Shirley Clingingsmith

Jack Shirley Haselbush

Happy Anniversary

Suellen McElhinney

Happy Anniversary!!

Joni Johnson Bence

So good to see you Jill! Happy Anniversary you two

Joyce Moore

God Bless you on your 50th Anniversary 🎉👏👏😁

Linda Edle

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations!

Sean Gray

Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️❤️

Wayne Lee Kracht

Happy 50th Anniversary

Donita Corman

Happy anniversary to the both of you

Rosemary Edle

Happiest of anniversaries!!

Matthew Morris

Happy Anniversary!!

Paul J. Miller

Happy 50th!!🎈🎊 Have an awesome day!!

Jeanne Menke

Congratulations on your 50th! Blessings to you🎶🎂💕

Nancy Guffey

Happy anniversary neighbors

Jason Samples


Kris Rauhaus Vanerstrom

Happy Anniversary!! ❤️❤️

Debbie Kennelly

Happy Anniversary to you both and to many many more!!!

Debbie Heuer

Happy anniversary to your parents! Send them my well wishes & love!

Lydia Baker Savage

Jill you might not know me, but Randy you may remember me as a classmate of Greg's. Couldn't pass up the opportunity to wish you a very happy and blessed 50th anniversary. Wishing you many more years together.

Kathi Hunt


Tom Schulz

Happy anniversary to Randy and Jill !!! ❤️❤️

Libby Dingus Samples

Happy 50th Anniversary to you both!!!

Jerry Menke

Happy Anniversary!

Sylvia Kreamalmyer

Happy Anniversary!

Tim and Sharyl Barnes

Happy 50th Anniversary to you both!!!

Sandie Dumse

Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️❤️

Christina Consbrock

Happy Anniversary Randy & Jill!! 🥂❤️

Phyllis Dockendorff

Happy anniversary 🎉🎉🎉

Cheryl Hillgartner Rich